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Discover the gem of the Highlands – Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary

The Mary Lake nature sanctuary is a 67 acre protected forest and riparian area ​that supports biodiversity while preserving ecosystems and wildlife habitat. ​It is also the home of the “Highlands Nature House”​ which sits on the water’s  edge, within the tranquil natural environment, inspiring an awareness of nature as teacher and essential ally.

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“Everything has a purpose and that purpose is to be respected and protected for all time. You cannot own it.
​We have to share that moss and shade of tree with other parts of creation.”
~ Tom Sampson, Tsartlip Elder

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10 Vulnerable Species & Plant Communities  

We live in a region that is being threatened by urban development which destroys vital ecosystems. Over 80% of the Wetland ecosystems have already been destroyed.

Our Sanctuary sits in the upper section of the 13,000-year-old Millstream Watershed and over 75% of its area is designated as Wetlands.

Please support our charity to continue to do the work of maintaining and protecting this special place and all the beings who live there.

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All donations will be matched 1;1 until Feb.25, 2019 or when we reach $20,000

Activities and Nature

The intact Eco systems and natural beauty create the perfect setting for retreats, workshops, nature inspired programs and classes. The setting makes it the ideal place for quiet enjoyment, photography, trail walks, or simple relaxation with nature.

The Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary will be available for many wonderful experiences that will support well-being and encourage environmental awareness.


The local Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues has this to say about the Sanctuary property. “It is a stunning location with a user-friendly trail already in existence with a paved pathway to the house.” The numerous trails along the streams are rated as easy. This makes it possible for people dealing with mobility issues ranging from walkers to strollers for babies can get into the heart of nature.

Explore Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary

About the Nature Sanctuary

The Mary Lake property is a 67 acre protected forest and riparian area ​that supports biodiversity while preserving ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Highlands Nature House

The “Highlands Nature House” sits on the water’s edge, within the tranquil natural environment.

Future Hiking Trail Link

We have made it possible for the CRD to create a connection between Thetis Lake, Gowlland Tod and Mount Work Parks. It will also provide a loop from Thetis Lake to Gowlland Tod Trails and onward to Goldstream Park.

Join the Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary Community


Create a living legacy you will be giving to your family and loved ones, the local community, Capital Region and future generations.

Become a Member

When you become a member of the Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society you become part of a community of people who are supporting the preservation of the land at the Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary as well as all the beings that live there.


If you like what we are doing and would like to help us out, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people  to occasionally help with a wide range of activities.

Upcoming Events

Spirit of Nature Walk and Guided Tour

We invite you to come and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of this special property.

These walks are offered on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


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Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary

1772 Millstream Rd,
Victoria, BC V9B 6E4

Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society

499 Millstream Lake Rd.
Victoria, BC. V9B 6H5
Registered Charity BN: 11894 6953 RR0001

WSÁNEC Coast Salish

Mary Lake lies within the traditional territories of the WSÁNEC (Saanich) Coast Salish Peoples.

​We recognize the integral role the ancestors of the WSÁNEC Coast Salish Peoples have played as past stewards of the Mary Lake and Highlands lands.

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